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welcome to originals

A new home for our original clothing, prints and a whole lot more.

welcome to originals

A new home for our original clothing, prints and a whole lot more.

welcome to originals

A new home for our original clothing, prints and a whole lot more.

Okay, so...

it's still fresh, just an even easier way to shop originals

We've been plotting how to better promote, develop and get our original offerings out there and so this is what we came up with.

We'll still be selling majority of the same original products over on the main website but this site will be dedicated to a much wider range of designs, colours, random product ideas and anything else we can come up with (that's fresh, of course). This is alongside us wanting to bring back some fan favourites like our customer rewards program, easier discounts + account access, faster navigation and a separate shopping experience from our pop culture designs.

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fresh as f**k!


You don't know us huh?

the fresh way is the only way

If you ain't aware of 'The Fresh Stuff LTD', we're basically a brand specialising in pop culture clothing and art prints that have been kicking about since 2018. Ever since day dot we've we've been producing 'originals' as a way to establish our brand amongst the rest of our (eventually more popular) celebritiy/artist based products.

Now we're here to shake it up and put an even bigger push behind our original offering, so check it out, they're loved by thousands, affordable as heck (we're not even sure who else could touch these prices) and just funky asf!


the freshest of the fresh

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original and all made in-house

From designing, embroidery production to our photoshoots and marketing efforts, we do everything in-house to ensure optimum affordability is able to be passed onto yourselves. Every brand under the sun seems to shout about being affordable these days but jheez, we seem to be one of the few (even if self-proclaimed) that actually comes through with the deals.

branding + visuals on another level

Again, self-proclaimed but damn, we spend way too much time on branding and visuals. Hopefully all going well, that's seen in our hella sexy product shoots and visuals across the site. If you ever have any images in our products you've shot, please throw them our way, we love nothing more than sharing the freshness and showing love to our most loyal customers!

free expedited shipping

All domestic orders are shipped via a 24 hour Royal Mail service.

smooth checkout

We're back on Shopify to ensure you can checkout without any drama.

fast & friendly support

Hit us up and we'll always get back to you within 24 working hours!


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